The Celebration Package Deal

Face scultpure of young girl

The Celebration

Face portrait sculpture. A beautiful keepsake to preserve the moment.



Scan & Sculpt

  • Online approval via email

  • 1 x Large ‘Persona’

  • Free standing

  • Free delivery (within Victoria)


The Process

3D scanning


The 3D image capture from a life subject is optical, non-contact, and takes less than a minute to complete.

Sculpted or created in the computer environment


Skilfully refined and completed within software. 3D object can be created from scans or modelled from photo or similar reference.

3D printed


Created using top of the line 3D printers. Settings and materials optimised for pleasing results.

Finishing and mounting


Finishing application and mount for presentation. Many layers of surface treatment are used to produce a characteristic finish with depth and interest.

Art Captured from Life

Beautiful renderings of a subject at a fraction of the time and cost required by traditional sculpting techniques. Using modern technology to capture 3D images.



Captured from life, the 3D image capture process is optical, non-contact, and takes less than a minute to complete. The scanning equipment is fully portable and the capture may be performed in the comfort of your own home or, if you prefer, in our studio located in Newport, VIC.

The captured image is then refined and printed in the studio. To be finished and delivered to your home within 4 weeks.

A perfect gift or way to celebrate someone you love. Gift certificates available.



“I will cherish my statue of my daughter forever.”

— G.Henry

I love it!

“The process was simple and the service was delivered so quickly. I am delighted with the statue of my mother!”

— J.Bennet

You can commission an art work!

Individual and unique art.