Decor & Design 2018 Expo, booth building

This year the Decor & Design 2018 exhibition was booked for the 19 July 2018 at the Melbourne Convention Centre. By way of a company launch to a degree, but more so as an arbitrary target to help focus and development.

Decor and Design 2018 exhibition banner (out of date)

The date set, the location booked, just the booth to get ready. Not having exhibited before there was not only a shortfall in booth appropriate display equipment but also a shameful lack of experience in setting one up. All of which absolutely must be ready for the 19th July.

The main problem was that I had nothing to display my samples on, and being the lean machine typical of entrepreneurial endeavours, the speciality suppliers all wanted more money than I was willing to spend for an oblong box plinth. So I set to work on plans; wood, paint. Then new plans; new wood, new paint. And some lights.

Large plank of wood, measuring tape, ruler and pencil
3D render of exhibition booth
wood with hole and a drill

So I had made my own plinths; costing not very much money and a whole lot more time. Combined with lighting effects and display graphics the effect was practical.

three plinths illuminated from below with sales items on display

Then the backdrop. Same problem as with the plinths... the speciality suppliers are not working at cost! So my wonderful plan was for a wall of canvas; the material to reflect the artistic aspect of the business, white to illustrate, by absence; potential. The blank canvas. Very lofty and, in the final construction, too subtle. A miss I think. It seems statements must be made boldly to be heard in a visually noisy environment.

photograph of exhibition booth

It would have been so much simpler to have painted the back white.

The event however was a healthy experience, and a different story. I look forward to doing it again. The backdrop will be different next time.