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This is the first article in my Living Artifact Design blog; in which I will detail, over time, projects. Sharing some of the results; some of the pitfalls and the tools required to get out of those holes!

But to start things off I'll talk a little about myself and the company...

Starting up in early 2018 Living Artifact Design is a new company (at the time of writing!). Consisting entirely of one staff member, Carl Ardron, the company is a sole-trader entrepreneurial venture focusing on the technological miracles of 3D capture and printing.

I don't use the word miracle lightly. As much as I do understand the technology it does nothing to detract from my excitement, joy and wonder in these technological advances.

The now of 3D capture and production achieves a mechanical life-circle. From a real-life object we can generate a computer model, from which we can generate another real-life object. Maybe more wondrous again; from one's imagination can be generated a computer model than can be rendered, a model in software becomes hardware. One's thought and ideas can be made into real objects in ways only just beginning to be developed. These computer models may be used in 10, 20, 100 years time on machines that manufacture in ways that are quite literally science fiction.

The future of this will be, I'm sure, simply wondrous.

The mission of the company is simply to be part of this emerging revolution. Just a small part of The Fourth Industrial Revolution (re.: Klaus Schwab's book of that name). To meet that ambition I have invested in printers and scanners...

desktop 3D printer and scanner

But the true investment has been time. Research, practice, a lot of thought and on-going learning applied to software, techniques and product lines.

This has resulted in 3 logical applications: objects sourced from life, the imagination and a combination of both.

Stemming from the question: What could I capture and recreate that has value? I came to the answer: beauty. What's more beautiful than the sculptural form of your loved ones? ... So I have started a line of sculpture portrait derived from life. Captured, and formed - in a sculptural sense - targeting elegant balance of line and gravity.

From the question: What is the greatest feat of imaginative object creation? I arrived at architecture. Although printing of houses is technically possible it is early days on that one; and my printer isn't big enough! So a focus on models will suffice for now. 

Then the combination of existing and imaginative (re-)creation is represented by interior features. Unique original moulding or recreation of existing heritage features.

However the product lines retain some vaguery.  More illustration than fixed capability. The reason for this is, the product is your idea, your need, or even that which you find beautiful. Not my ideas, but yours. My company is formed around the concept of object capture, 3D modelling and object creation. The object itself may be so many different things. And that's exciting!