Created and Captured

Objects create from the imagination and captured for archive.



Sketches, Auto-CAD files, or simply an idea talked about over coffee can be modelled in the 3D environment and applied to a wide variety of manufacturing techniques.

We can also capture from life, and present the object as a real model, prepared for archive or even web presentation.

If Living Artifact Design does not have the equipment in-house to answer your project requirements directly, we will move Heaven and Earth to find it.


CG Model Making
from $200

3D Print
from $200



Example Services

  • Presentation of your product catalogue on the web in 3D
  • Art and heritage 3D scanning and archive

  • Rapid prototyping, shortening your development time

  • Visual capture for theatre and film effects
  • Custom mouldings for automotive applications

  • Ergonomic object design

The Processes

High quality 3D print

3D Print

Wide variety of materials; including electrical, detailed models, outdoor usage and more. In many different colours.

300mm cube print bed. Larger models simply require intelligent construction techniques.

High resolution 3D Scan

3D Scan

Highly accurate scanning technology. 0.09-0.12 mm point distance in handheld mode; 0.05 mm point distance with turntable. Colour capture compatible.

Computer Aided Design - Auto-CAD


Computer-aided design, in a general sense, but many more acronyms may be used to describe the capabilities of using such tools as Autodesk, Inc. Fusion 360 and Mudbox.


Make a project come alive.

An object from imagination.