Visualise design in real-life 3D. 

We at Living Artifact Design understand communication is key when presenting your idea to your client. Sometimes the only way to truly achieve this is through a real object. Utilising high end printers, professional filaments and intelligent construction approaches we aim to deliver a robust presentation tool.



Supplied from existing CG model (CAD) or, if supplied from pen and ink sketch, a CG model will be created first. Parameters determined to meet your presentation requirements and an image of the model is supplied for approval, prior to creation.


CG Model Making
from $200

3D Print and Mount
from $200

Example project: "Grass Roof House"; 400mm x 150mm, modelled from sketch, including interior, printed and constructed in six parts with removable roof, mounted, with road feature - $700


The Process

Large 3D printing bed of 30cm squared

Large Print Bed

Our print bed is 300 mm cubed. We use construction techniques for objects that go beyond these dimensions.

Complex shapes accurately reproduced

Detailed Complex Shapes

Geometric and organic shapes recreated at layer resolutions of 140 - 300 microns with optimal wall thickness of 800 microns (although 400 microns is possible). In short: very high quality 3D prints.

Wide variety of materials and colours

Tough Materials

Available in a wide range of colours.


Professional presentation, simply delivered.

Communication requires clarity, a great model is a tool you can use.